October 20th 2001

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Photo Gallery -

Some photos mainly by Speedsports


Marcus Dodd & John Bennie

Car 1_2

Car 1 again - Photo Mark Writtle

Car 1Ramp

Marcus & John celebrate the win

Car 5

Pete Littler and Andy Marchbank

Crew 5Ramp

Celebrations for fourth overall

Car 7

Austin McHale and Brian Murphy - Photo-Mark Writtle


Austin and Brian - 3rd overall

Car 19Ramp

Leon and Howard - Evo Challenge winners

Car 22Ramp

Alistair Ginley and Andrew Bargery First Class N4


Tony Jardine teaches Kevin Eason to change a tyre -The Times

Crew 47

Duncan Williams retired because of a fire!

Crew 68Ramp

Stephen Finlay & Rory Kennedy - First Class A8

Crew 74

Mark Perrott & Gary Mansell came 9th.

Historic Rally

Car Historics

Historics line up to cross the ramp

Car 102Ramp

John Keatley and Maurice Beckett- third Historic

Car 103

Desi Nutt and Gearaldine McBride won the Historic Category

Car 104

Mike Brown- second Post Historic

Car 105Ramp

Drexel Gillespie and Gill Cotton- second Historic

Meirion Rally

Car 201

Ieuan Rowlands and Keith Davis were the winners

Car 201Ramp

Ieuan & Keith celebrate

Car 218

Stuart Cheape & Phil Sant were second

And finally -

Car C C ramp

The Bulldog Course Car