October 21st 2000

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Photo Gallery -

Some photos of award winners by Speedsports

Car 2Ramp

Kenny and Noel celebrate the win.

Car 53Awareds

Brian and Pamala Hull-1st Class N2-with Bulldog's Ian Jordan

Car 77Ramp

Mark Perrott & Gary Mansell-4th Overall and 1st in Group N

Car14 Awards

Dave Humphreys & Ian Pryce-2nd Class N4

Crew 18Awards

Graham Middleton & John Morgan-1st Class A6

Car 29Ramp

Neil Collins & James Philips-2nd Class A6


John Blaber & Alan Jamieson-3rd Class A6

Car 8Ramp

Mark Fisher & Gordon Noble-2nd Overall and 1st Class A8

Car 4Ramp

Roger Duckworth & Mark Broomfield-3rd Overall and 2nd Class A8


Glyn Jones & Ryland James-3nd Class A6

Crew 25Awards

Phil & Michael Squires-2nd Class B10

Crew 67Awards

leuan Rowlands-3nd Class B10

Crew 24Awards

Robin Bradbury & Peter Thomas-1st Class B11

Crew 17Awards

Huw Lewis-1st Class B12

WSSCC winners

Martin and Skip the 'home' club award winners

Historic Rally award winners by Speedsports

Car 102Ramp

Dessie Nutt & Gerald McBride-1st Historic Category

Car 104Ramp

Kevin Bristow & James Morris-1st Post Historic Category

Car 106Ramp

Drexel Gillespie & Gill Cotton-1st Class B3

Car 111Ramp

Bob Gibbons & Stuart Cardell-1st Class B4

Car 107Awards

Dave Watkins & Gavin Heseltine-2nd Class C3 with MSA board member Bill Troughear

Car 142Ramp

Graham Waite & Gary Titchmarsh-2nd Class B4

Meirion Rally award winners by Speedsports

Car 230Ramp

Shaun Gardener & Dave Brick-1st Overall

Car 217Ramp

Kris Meeke & Andrew Bargery-1st Class O2

Car 203Ramp

Alistair Adams & Andrew Adams-1st Class O3

Car 201Awards

Simon Rodgers & Andrew Sankey-1st Class O4 with MSA's Tony Newsum

Fred Southall

Our long serving chief scrutineer and club president Fred Southall receives a retirement presentation from the Clerk of Course