October 24th / 25th 1992

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Well the 1992 event was certainly different. The organising team set out with a very challenging task, to run the last round of the revamped Mobil British Rally Championship with no sponsor, lots of stage miles, few entries and next to no publicity.

The old trick of running a national event behind the international rally was used again but this time there was a twist. At the instigation of Tony Newsum at the MSA, a third rally was run over the same stages at the same time. This event had a different base and a different organising team from Harlech Motor Club.

This meant Wolverhampton had another rally to help defray costs and Harlech could run their event postponed from earlier in the year with a lower cost base. In a further attempt to reduce costs the international moved its scrutineering and start to Weston park just outside Telford. Here there was a Lombard RAC Rally stage available for paying spectators.

Finally the big decision was that with no sponsor to satisfy the event should run overnight to further reduce overheads. This was a big gamble with the event's reputation but when right at the last minute David Williams of Genesis Design persuaded Elonex Computers to take the title sponsorship and ensure financial solvency for the Club. This sponsorship led to the rally plates being designed by David's graphic artist and future World Champion Richard Burns.

Even the weather helped by whipping up a storm of Biblical proportions to turn the event into an epic rally. There were only two drivers who could master the conditions during the night and both would become rally legends, Tommi Makinen and Colin McRae. They had a titanic battle with the elements and between themselves, never more than a few seconds apart on any of the stages. It was Colin who stood on the bonnet of his Subaru and sprayed champagne. His win was by the slimmest of margins after a gruelling night's motoring. All this meant the Mobil Championship came to a close with a bang and did not a wimper.

As for the rally, the next year was going to be even tougher as not only was there no confirmed sponsor but also there were no championships to bring entries. The championship calender for 1993 had been published and the rally was missing.