October 24th 1987

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Report from Rally Sport of December 1987

Report: Tony Goulding

Marlboro National Rally Championship
Round 8

Audi Sport Rally

The long, hard journey that is the Marlboro/Autosport National Rally Championship came to a nail-biting, almost stage-managed finish in Telford's Town Park, not the most inspiring of settings for the final act of this fiercely contested series.
As competitors faced two trips around the narrow tarmac tracks, the British Car Rentals MG Metro 6R4 of Scots crew David Gillanders/Ken Rees (3) was just five seconds behind the leading Trident Trailers Metro of Kent's Pat Doran/Steve Harvey (7), with the Golden Wonder Metro of Ken Wood/Peter Brown (5) a further six seconds adrift, ready to pick up the pieces should either of the leaders fail at the final hurdle.
Gillanders achieved two almost flawless runs, just one second apart, while Doran had the ill luck to come across Meagher's stranded Escort (16) on one of his attempts. He had to take to the grass to get round and-on racing tyres-he lost seven seconds to Gillanders, giving victory on the Audi Sport Rally and the championship to the Aberdonian.
Behind this trio, former World Champion Timo Salonen/Seppo Harjanne (1) showed what a state-of-the-art Group A car can achieve, taking their Mazda 323 Turbo 4WD to fourth overall and setting two fastest stage times along the way. The factory driver was given a hard time all day by the Metro 6R4 of Bill Barton/Don George (6), but in the end Salonen left them five seconds adrift in fifth place. These five crews were well ahead of the rest.
As the battle raged at the head of the field, an even closer battle for championship Group A honours was fought out between the Hendy Ford Sierra Cosworth of Trevor Smith/Roger Jones (11) and the Andrews Heat for Mice Opel Kadett GSi (9) of Russell Brookes/Neil Wilson. The added incentive was that, if Gillanders couldn't win the event, the best of these two GpA runners would take the national title, such were the intricacies of this year's scoring system.
Rarely more than a handful of seconds apart, the two crews actually finished level on times, with the result going on a tie-decider to Smith, who finished eighth overall to take the GpA title and secure the runner-up spot in the main championship as well.
The Group N award had been decided long ago in favour of the Mazda 323 4WD of Simon Stubbings/Chris Wood (34), but honours on this last round went to the Welsh pairing of Allan Edwards/Lyn Jenkins (22) in a Ford Sierra Cosworth.
In the final analysis, it was truly a national series with a Scotsman, an Englishman, a Welshman and an Irishman all figuring prominently in the final outcome!

1 Timo Salonen/Seppo Harjanne, 1.6t Mazda 323 4WD, CpA (Mazda Rally Team Europe; Michelin; Castrol). Essentially testing for the RAC Rally, this was their first competitive outing for four months. A misfire on SSl after a plug lead came off and a seized rear damper were their only problems. Once they had changed the rear suspension for a softer set-up, the former World Champions found the little car much more nimble over the blind stages: two fastest times helped them finish fourth overall and best Group A car, although the team later decided to withdraw from the RAC Rally.
2 Mark Lovell/Jerry Williams, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, GpA (Ford Motor Company; The Daily Mail). They had to push-start the car when the battery went flat overnight, then the intercom failed on SSl. The front suspension was changed at Machynlleth and the diff after SSa, all of which left them down in tenth place at the finish. Still, it was just a pre-RAC Rally test session...
3 David Gillanders/Ken Rees, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd (British Car Rentals; Austin Rover; Shell Oils). With the pressure really on them, the Scots crew came to the final two stages in second place, needing to overhaul Doran (7) to win the rally and the championship. Gillanders drove brilliantly over the twisty, narrow tarmac of Town Park, and would have won without the delay to Doran by Meagher's stricken Escort (16). Gillanders did not lead the event until the last stage, but that is the only one that really matters!
4 Steve Whiteford/Dave Adams, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd. They set fastest time on SSl, but went off on SS2; although th. s managed to recover the car undamaged, they were out of the event.
5 Ken Wood/Peter Brown, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd (Golden Wonder; Austin Rover; Esso). The speedo and Halda packed up, but it didn't stop them leading the rally after SS5, and again after SS8. They just couldn't match the pace of Doran (7) or Gillanders (3) over the last four stages, however, and finished third overall.
6 Bill Barton/Don George, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4,4wd. They became embroiled in a day-long tussle with Salonen (1) and, although they led over the opening stages, they lost out by just five seconds at the end, finishing fifth overall. They might not have been able to quite match the pace of the leading Metro trio, but it was a very impressive performance by the BTRDA Clubman Champion.
7 Pat Doran/Steve Harvey, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4. 4wd (Trident Trailers; Michelin). Doran set four fastest times to lead the rally after SS7, and again after SS10, but they ran foul of Meagher (16) on the Town Park hairpin and lost valuable seconds while they motored across the grass on racing tyres. They had to settle for second place, lucky still to be running after changing the gearbox at Machynlleth.
8 Roger Clark/John Robinson, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd (Standard Motorists Centres; Rally Engineering Development; Greenwoods Menswear; Pirelli; Slick 50). A spin on SS9 damaged a rear wheel and the suspension; it cost over a minute on the stage and left them sixth at the finish.
9 Russell Brookes/Neil Wilson, 2.0 Opel Kadett GSi, GpA (GM Dealer Sport; Andrews Heat for Hire). A spin on SSl cost some time, but they charged back to draw level with GpA rival Smith (11) after all the stages were over, losing the GpA title and eighth place on the tie-decider.
10 Malcolm Wilson/Mike Broad, 2.0 Opel Kadett GSi, GpA (GM Dealer Sport). The fanbelt came off in SS1, then the gearbox turret broke on SS3. When that was all put right, Wilson was able to match team-mate Brookes (9) to finish 12th.
11 Trevor Smith/Roger Jones, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, GpA (Hendy Lennox Group; Mobil). They had an early scare when Jones thought he had forgotten his roadbook on the way to the start, and Trevor's wife was sent back to the hotel-only to discover, after a 100-mile round trip, that it was in the service barge! After that, they concentrated on the fight with Brookes (9) for the Group A title, taking the decision on the SSl tie-decider after lending Brookes all day. They finished eighth.
12 Iwan Roberts/Alwyn Jones, 2.4 Opel Manta 400 (Michelin Tyres; Roberts Plant Hire). Retired on SS9 after the headgasket failed.
13 David Williams/Wayne Goble, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd (Innervisions). After a puncture on SS2, they drove 7.5 miles on the flat before changing it. They got through SS3 alright, but at the start of SS4 the diff told them what it thought of the previous treatment and locked solid on the start line.
14 Grant Shand/Frank Richer, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd (Langer Park Service Station; Ipswich Communications; C M Vince Signwriting). Lying sixth, they had to retire on SS6 when the engine expired.
15 Jan Churchill/Paule Churchill, 27 Porsche 911 Carrera (Welsh Forest Rally School; Confederate Chemicals; Shell Oils; Pirelli). Engine oil fumes inside the car was just one of a variety of niggling problems which affected them as they went on to finish 17th.
16 Frank Meagher/Bobby Willis, 2.0 Ford Escort RS (Duckhams Oils). They had a puncture on SS6 and spun at the hairpin in Town Park. While they were trying to re- start the car, Doran (7) had to go onto the grass to get round them, so losing his rally lead to Gillanders (3). Meagher got going after about ten minutes to finish 15th.
17 Ian Beveridge/Pat Beveridge, 30 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd (Inmont; QCR Motors). After the hurly-burly of the previous week's BTRDA decider, they had a pleasant tour round to finish 13th.
18 Alistair Sutherland/Peter Watts, 1.6t Mazda 323 4WD, GpA (Mazda Rally Team UK). The retiring champion finished off a miserable season with yet another retirement, when the transmission failed on SS7.
19 Graham Middleton/Paut Watkins, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT l6v, GpA (Shell Oils; Securicor Toyota Challenge; Michelin). They had to borrow a rear axle from Mann (35) to stay in 16th place, enabling them to win their class for the sixth time this year.
20 Steve Harris/Nick Thornton, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4,4wd (Auto Plas; SMACGroup; R A Cheesewright, Stockbroker; Rochford Tyres). They had a big moment on Whiteford's hairpin on SS2 and a puncture on SS3; two more punctures on SS6 and SS7 damaged the tailgate, the rear wing and the suspension, and it was thanks to Holmes (21), who lent them a wheel and tyre, that they were able to finish, as they only had one spare. The last two stages (on slicks) provided more thrills, before they finished 11th.
21 Richard Holmes/Philip George, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd (Streetly Motor Club; Enterprise Racing; Heavy Vehicle Spares). Without a front limited-slip diff, they couldn't match the leading Metros, and a spin into some logs on SS1 didn't help, but they drove consistently to finish seventh overall.
22 Allan Edwards/Lyn Jenkins, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, GpN. Fastest Group N car on nine of the stages, they had little to report in the way of problems as they finished 18th overall, first in class and first in GpN.
23 Gwyndaf Evans/Ed Morgan, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, GpN. Fastest Group N-car on SS2 and SS3, they had to retire on SS5 when the rear suspension collapsed.
25 Glyn Jones/Ryland James, 2.4 Opel Manta 400 (Yokohama; Castrol; Morriston Insurance Centre). They slid off backwards on SS2 and retired.
26 Paul Dyas/Judith Flavell, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, GpA (Dunlop Tyres; Motivation UK; Brooklyn Motorsport). Their outing in the loaned car ended on SS2, when they rolled, coming to rest upside down on top of a stage official's car!
27 Richard York/Peter York, 2.0 Ford Escort G3. Drove "like a handbag" on SS1 and went off on SS7, destroying a corner and retiring.
28 Harry Hockly/Nicky Grist, 1.3 Vauxhall Nova Sport, GpA (GM Dealer Sport). Punctures on SS4 and SS5 couldn't stop Hockly finishing 20th overall and first in class.
29 Ian Roberton/Ron Hill, 2.3 Nissan 240RS (Ian Roberton Trading). Suffered badly on SSl from the excesses of the night before, but went on to finish 14th. 30 Steve Ward/Andrew Fitton, 2.4 Opel Ascona 400 (Abingdon Carpets; Stainmas- ter; Steve Ward Carpets), Went off on SS5; although they regained the road, they were OTL.
31 Alex Banyard/Robin Hernaman, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4. Still running without power steering, the driver's biceps are beginning to resemble those of Frank Bruno. A slight excursion into a ditch a mile from the end of SS5 became a major problem when the ditch turned out to be 100 feet deep! Only a small tree prevented a triple somersault into the stream below. The driver, closely followed by the co-driver, elected to get out very carefully and watch the rest of the action from outside the car. They retired OTL (over time limit, not over over the ledge!) with thanks to the two Landrovers, one Toyota Hiace, 20 marshals and the service crew for their safe extrication from a rather unstable situation.
32 Nigel Worswick/Stuart Derry, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, GpA (Nicolet Instruments). No real problems on their debut in this now car, Worswick taking it easy on his first rally for 18th months. A knocking noise had them worried on the last stage, but it turned out to be the exhaust fouling the body after the turbo melted one of the engine mountings. Finished 29th.
33 Hugh O'Brien/Paul Moore, 2.0 Ford Escort (Levafas). Went off backwards on SS2 and retired.
34 Simon Stubbings/Chris Wood, 1.6t Mazda 323 4WD, GpN (Castrol; Elfords of Bournemouth; British Midland; Bridgestone Performance Tyres; Mintex; Cibie; Mazda UK; Rod Cattini Motorsport). They had to complete SS4 and SS5 without brakes after a wheel hub broke on SS3, fracturing the brake pipe. After repairs, they made every effort to catch GpN leader Edwards (22), setting fastest GpN time on SS7, but even their tactic of motoring on the grass to get better grip left them second in class and 24th overall. Stubbings was already the National GpN champion, having sewn up the title long before.
35 David Mann/Ian Wray, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT 16v, GpA (North Sea Ferries; Team Go-Phone). Lost time on SS4 with a rear puncture before finishing 26th.
37 Colin McRae/Derek Ringer, 1.3 Vauxhall Nova Sport, GpA (SMT for Vauxhall Opel). They spun on SS7, but finished 27th overall, second in class behind Hockly (26).
38 George Donaldson/Fred Gallagher, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, GpN (Ford Motor Company). Having been delayed by the Lancia (41) blockage on SS4, they hit a rock, damaged the rear suspension and retired at Machynlleth.
39 Richard Ive/Jon Savage, 2.4 Ford Escort G4, 4wd (Ringles Cross Rental; Warrior Automotive Research). They went off on SSl after a spin, losing over a minute when the engine wouldn't restart. They lost the rear brakes on SS3 after stones from the front wheels knocked away the rear brake pipe unions. On the last stage, the car was smoking badly but they held on to finish 25th.
40 Andrew Burton/Joanne Cowling, 2.9 Alfa Ferrari Sprint (Cars & Car Conversions Magazine). It took until 22:30 Friday to finish rebuilding the car after their J C Van Hire accident and during the morning they were plagued by dirt in one bank of carbs, putting the wailing Ferrari motor onto four pots for much of the early mileage. Once that had been sorted at Machynlleth, they went better to finish 19th.
41 Clive White/Bob Jones, 2.0t Lancia Delta HF 4WD, GpN (North Devon MC). They became stuck on a log pile in SS4 after a driveshaft broke; it took the crews of several following cars to remove the stricken Lancia before play could resume.
42 Ewan Brewis/Roy Campbell, l.8t Subaru RX Turbo, GpA 4wd (Peter Moffat Potatoes; Guy Bailey Associates). Brewis found his tyres unsuited to the conditions in the morning, but went on to finish 22nd.
43 Bernie/Rooney/Steven Rowlands, 2.0 Opel Kadett GT/E [Bernard Rooney Building Contractors; McMillan Roofing; Drew Gallacher Farm Produce; Alistair Thomson). Eleven minutes road penalties for early arrivals didn't help their cause and they finished down in 74th place.
44 Jeff Churchill/Roger Evans, 1.8t RS200,4wd (J C Van Hire). Retired after SS1 with a broken gearbox.
45 Keith Horsman/Richard Stamp, 2.4 Opel Manta 400 (Horsman Coaches; DAF Bus). Retired on SS11, reason unknown.
46 Kevin Curran/Trevor Wheatley, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, GpA (Bob Brain Developments; CBL Colour Print). They lost so much lime on SS4 after the Lancia blockage (41) that they retired at Machynlleth.
47 Brian Price/Andy Moss, 2.0t Ford Sierra BDG, 4wd (Brian Price Tyres). Price's first proper forest rally went quite well, despite losing a couple of minutes in the No41 blockage on SS4. They enjoyed the thrash round the Park to finish 47th, a credit to the seeding committee!
48 Richard Moore/John Foster, 2.6 Ford Sierra XR4x4, GpN (Moores Furniture Group). Finished 77th. <br / 49 Donald Milne/Neil Ewing, 2.3 Nissan 240RS. Retired on SS6 with gearbox problems.
50 Darrell Staniforth/Derek Staker, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe 16v, GpA (Team Go-Phone). Finished 40th.
51 John Midgley/Andrew Bodman, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN (John Midgley Motorsport). Midgley was a bit rusty on his first outing since the Skip Brown. They got held up on SS4 by No 4l, then had to stop on SS7 to change a flat. With seven fastest times their class, they finished 44th.
52 Rod Menzies/Martyn Jeffery, 2.8 Ford Sierra XR4x4, GpA. Retired on SS2 with engine problems.
53 Chris Wheeler/Don Craig, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpA. Finished 31st overall, third in class.
54 Nigel Hutton/Mick Webb, 3.0 MG Metro 6R4, 4wd (Price Check Rallying). Finished 23rd after getting caught in the tail-end of car 41's accident on SS4.
55 Chris Beddow/Mike Sones, 2.0t Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (Burtons of Walsall for Calor Gas). No problems, just "good steady stuff", said the genial Beddows, who finished 21st.
56 John Collins/Cliff Simmons, 2.0 Ford Escort RS (Collins Competition Seats). Retired after losing a lot of time on SSl for unknown reasons. 57 Dominic Frattaroli/Robert Dyson, 1.6 Darrian T9 Ford BDA (Subito). Their new car gave persistent problems with the gearbox jumping out of gear, but they got round to finish 34th overall and second in class.
58 John Leppard/David Manchester, 1.6 Peugeot 205GTI, GpA (Charters of Aidershot). This left-hooker retired on SS3, reason unknown.
59 John Saint/John Gittins, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN (Washington Supplies; John Saint Automotive; Team Go-Phone), Reported no problems in finishing 35th overall and first in class.
60 John Cleary/Mark I'Anson, 1,6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN. Retired after going off on SS4.
61 Pete Littler/Andy Carre, 2.0t Lancia Delta UK 4WD, GpN (Mike Spence Motorsport; Bridgestone Tyres; Koni; C&T Garages, Widnes; Magnum Seats; Graytronics; S B VR). A troubled first outing for the ex-Jimmy McRae R-E-D car started with a turbo fire after an engine oil leak on SS1; three miles into the stage, the front wishbone broke causing retirement.
62 Michael Riddick/Bob Green, 1,6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN (Solway CC). Finished 38th.
63 Francis Tuthill/Pip Bolton, 2.4 Volkswagen Beetle. Tuthill's first outing for two years was in preparation for an assault on the RAC in a 16-valve Golf - it took three days to get the chickens out of the Beetle before he could check it over! On the event, fuel feed and electrical problems were cured by 'hot-wiring' the coil to the battery! Despite a five-minute road penalty for booking out of service early, they came home 58th.
64 Chris Pearson/Pete Dalton, 1.8 Volkswagen Golf GTi 16V, GpN (Richard Pearson Ltd; Stan well Boston for VW/Audi; Mail Order 'Buy Post'). After 12 years of rear-wheel drive, this was a shakedown for the RAC; a cautious drive gave them valuable experience and 54th place,
66 Jim Bothwell/Dave Edwards, 2.1 Ford Escort (PWB Warwick Powertune; Kent Motor Factors). Retired on SS6, reason unknown.
67 Andy Miers/Steve Jones, 1.8 Vauxhall Astra GTE, GpA (Giovanni & Fabio). Finished 30th.
68 Dave Toomey/Dylan Lewis, 2.2 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus (U-Drive Car & Van Hire). Retired on SS6, reason unknown.
69 Roger Moran/Elwyn Manuel, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN. Finished 70th.
70 Dave Brian/Dave Wilford, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN (Norvern Fencing). No problems apart from losing the front spoiler. The young driver proved quite competitive first time out with his new car, finishing 39th.
71 Don Bailey/Frances Houghton, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN (Nexus Systems). Finished 51st.
72 George Gauld/George Black, 1.6 Talbot Sunbeam ti (Five Mile Garage; Sprint Tyres; Davidson Publicity). Having clinched the Scottish 1600cc class, they decided to venture south from their Aberdeen lair, and were rewarded with a troublefree run, spoilt only by a wrong tyre choice for the last two stages: on tarmac tyres, they went off at one of the muddy corners and spent 40 seconds on the grass, finishing 28th overall and first in class.
73 Colin Mason/Dave Butterworth, 1.6 Ford Escort Mk1 (Park Garage, Congleton). Left the rally in spectacular fashion on SS5, where they understeered off on a 90 right, dropped 80ft down a sheer bank, rolling and taking a tree with them, finishing up nose first in a stream, luckily without any injury except to their 20-year old car. Five hours later, the car was recovered with the help of a tractor and a ten-ton winch!
74 Glynn Hemingway/Ken Hemmingway, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT, GpA (Thorne TV & Video Library). Finished 57th.
75 Roger Davies/John Morris, 2.8 Ford Sierra XR4x4, GpN (Furrows of Telford; Telford AC; Bates & Hunt Petroleum). Finished 48th.
76 Stuart Coupe/Ian Holt, 2.4 Opel Manta 400 (Tatham Tyre Service). Went off on SSl, but got back on to finish 41st.
77 Mick Donnelly/Peter Halkyard, 1,8 Volkswagen Golf GTi, GpN (Doncaster Frenchgate Centre; Gilders VW Rally Team). No problems until SS6, when they retired "piston broke again"!
78 Scot MacKnocher/RonBlanchard, 2.1 Ford Escort (West End Garage, Ford Augustus; A M Sutherland, Contractor, Invergarry; Budget Rent-a-Car). They found their first event outside Scotland well worth the trip: the forests were very smooth compared to their native land, and only a couple of spins and some chronic understeer ("due to cheap tyres") troubled them as they finished 33rd.
79 Ian Evans/Andy Stanworth, 1.3 Vauxhall Nova, GpA. Evans only returned from Holland at 02:00 on the morning of the event, so it took some time to wake up. They went off on SSl, but caught cars on SS5 and SS6, after which they had a steady drive to finish 32nd.
80 Mike Williams/Alan Evans, 1.3 Vauxhall Nova SR,GpN (Pierstune, Whitchurch). This little car ran faultlessly all day, save for a soft rear tyre on SS3 and the front spoiler getting knocked off on a rutted hairpin. They were pleased to finish 50th overall and seventh in class against all the 1600cc opposition.
81 Mike Buckler/Kevin Hawkin, 1.5 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint (Metlex Bathroom Fittings). They spent a lot of time off the road on SSl, but finished.71st.
82 John Pritchard/Mark Whitehouse, Peugeot 205GTI, GpN. Finished second in class on their second outing with this Simon Price Rallying hire car, 36th overall after a troublefree day,
83 Iain Freestone/Joseph Ray, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN. After punctures on SS6, SS7 and SS8, they were forced to retire as they only had one spare. They did not give in easily, as they did one road section and SS8 on three wheels and a flat!
84 Mike Hill/Dave Turner, 2.0 Fiat Strada Abarth 130TC, GpA (The Four Alls Hotel, Market Drayton). Finished 61st.
85 Paul Croxton/Steve Chapman, 2.0 Ford Escort RS2000 (Cobra Carphone Company; Geoff Dickenson Motorsport; Stafford Security Service; Carlyn Catering). They suffered a fuel blockage on SSl and lost time in SS6 with a puncture, but lost even more lime by booking out of service early! Finished 69th.
86 Ken Ridley/Gordon Bradford, 2.8 Ford Sierra XR4x4, GpN (Post Office Counters; Shell Oils; Mintex; John Saint Automotive; Mayfair Service Station, Sunderland; Henlys of Newcastle). The gearbox started jumping out of third on SS2 and got worse on SS3, where they were unable to select fifth; by SS5, they had to hold the lever in gear but, despite an overshoot on SS7, they went on to finish 65th.
87 Duncan Jaffray/Barry Johnstone, 3.5 Landrover Lightweight, 2wd (Aberdeen & DMC; Wimpey Offshore; Banchory Lodge Hotel). They rolled on SS1 and again on SS10, but this unique vehicle carries its rollcage on the outside, so it was difficult to tell! Their adventures, after the long trip down from Aberdeen, earned them 87th place and the Spirit of the Rally award.
88 Peter Firkin/Ian McKee, 2.8 Ford Siera Xk4x4, GpN (Bristol Street Motors). After their escapade on the Cambrian, they had to work hard to get the car to the start, only for the engine to boil on SSl, causing them togo OTL. They decided to do the last two stages, but the second time round they hit a tree head-on, finishing off the car. They should have cut their losses after the Cambrian and stayed home until next year!
89 Brett Hawthorne/Anton Bird, 1.8 Vauxhall Astra GTE, GpN (Owen MC). They had more punctures on this rally than the whole of the rest of the season, ran out of spares, then had a slow puncture which lasted three stages (thanks to the marshals for the use of their footpumps). They were "amazed at the carnage which littered the stages", then booked into a control early, which heated things up inside the car. Their thanks to Marcus and the Auto-Tech crew for superb servicing. They finished 66th.
90 Roy Edwards/Andrew Neilson, 2.0 Ford Escort (North Road Garage). Only a faulty intercom and a spin after a puncture on SS4 troubled Edwards on his first outing for two years. They finished 37th, with thanks to Liz, Jane, Keith and the service crew.
91 Martin Thomas/Gillian Allsop, 1.6 Talbot Sunbeam. First time out for six months, they made a cautious start after electrical problems at scrutineering; they went much better after the service crew had secured 'Winnie the Pooh' to the rollcage with tank tape and supplied driver with "fresh supplies of hunny"! Their thanks to Lofty, David, Kay and Sandra for helping them "and the Bear" to finish 68th.
92 Mike Perkins/Graham Evans, 1.3 Ford Escort (Pen-y-Bont Hotel; Gareth Humphries Rally Preparations). They took a maximum on SSl when the bottom baiijoint came out, taking the shaft with it and emptying the gearbox of oil. They limped to service, "where the female service crew were waiting spanners at the ready, only to find we had gone OTL."
93 Malcolm Conibear/Kathy Barber, 2.1 Ford Escort (EARS for Rally Tyres). Finished 46th.
94 Mark Leggett/Roy Vincent, 1.6 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe, GpN (Motor Centre of Telford; Movac Paints; Mistral Boilers). They hit a bank on SSl, after which the clutch started slipping; they chased a few speckies across the grass in Town Park before finishing 43rd, with thanks to Keith, Dale, Alan and Liam for service.
95 Darrell Denning/Nick Reeves, 2.0 Volvo 360GLT, GpA. Retired onSS2, reason unknown.
96 Wayne Duncan/Howard Thomas, 2.0 Ford Escort. Finished 52nd.
97 Mark Lanyon/Mike Turnbull, 2.0 Ford Escort. Finished 55th.
98 Barry Sugondo/Andy Butler, 1.6 Talbot Sunbeam (Pye Audio; Auloglass). They nearly retired on SS9 when the battery broke, but got going again only to have a trackrod break on SSll, sending them into a tree and retirement.
99 Lance Gilmore/Duncan Williams, 1.3 Vauxhall Astra, GpA (Worfield Garage, Bridgnorth Vauxhall-Opel Dealers; Simon Oliver Agricultural Contractors; Wolverhampton & South Staffs CC). They dropped too much time with a slow start and spent the rest of the day trying to claw it back, finishing 67th.
100 David Gough/Christine Daniels, 1.6 Citroen Visa GTI, GpN (TI Motorsport). Retired after going off on SSl.
101 Steve Raines/Steve Gregg, 2.3 Vauxhall Chevette (Williams of Market Drayton; Market Drayton Tyre & Battery; P Nagging- ton Motors; ABP Motorsport). They changed the gearbox at Machynlleth, went off twice on SS7, had a big moment at the Fire Tower in Dyfnant - any photos, please ring (0746) 765366! - and finished 49th.
102 Tony Clements/Ian Weatherley, 1.6 Peugeot 205GT1, GpN (Mintex; Duckhams Oils; Forest Industrial Supplies). They had a "slow, confidence-building drive" after an end-over-end roll on the Welsh. Lack of brakes made sure they didn't take any chances, and they finished 53rd.
103 Stuart Hodkin/Stuart McBride, 2.0 Opel Manta GT/E iNoras Woolshop Doncaster). They changed the gearbox at Machynlleth with the help from Team Frenchgate (77), then had the second box break after the last stage, but they reached the finish to be classified 72nd.
104 Tim Morris/Peter Roberts, 1.6 Talbot Sunbeam (Milestone MC). Retired on SS7 when the clutch blew up.
105 Mark Aplin/Bill Hitchcock, 1.6 Ford Escort Abarth (Oxford MC; Nivarda). After wiper failure and a loose propshaft on Dyfnant, fumes from the crankcase breather made Hitchcock a little queasy, but this Fiat-engined Mexico finished 63rd overall, third in class.
106 Benjamin Black/Mike McGrath, 1.6 Peugeot 205GT, GpA. Arrived at the start late, left in a hurry, and finished 42nd.
107 Gerard Jones/Andy Garrett, 1.2 Talbot Samba Railye, GpA (Rangers for Peugeot Talbot in Mid-Wiltshire). Retired after SS6, reason unknown.
108 David Gregory/Paul Turner, 1.6 Peugeot 205GTI, GpN. Finished 50th.
109 Chris Jones/Roger Peters, 2.0 Ford Escort (Rallying with BP; R W Jones Transport; Maegwyn Filling Station; Vale Motorcycle Spares; Avon Ride; Zenith Motorsport). No problems until first service, where a wheel fell off the mountain (it was found three hours later, when they returned to Dinas). Slowed on SS9 by what they thought was a puncture, was in fact a loose anti-tramp bar. They had electrical problems on the way to Telford, but managed to finish 73rd.
110 Ken Benefield/Ian Butcher, 1.3 Lada Riva (Tividale Motor Group, Lada, West Midlands). Two spins and a puncture couldn't prevent them finishing 70th and becoming the Lada Challenge Champions for 1987.
111 Peter Maxwell/Malcolm Evans, 1.3 Lada Riva, GpA (Gwendraeth Valley MC). The water pump failed on SS2, then the Panhard rod broke in SS7, giving the handling some interesting new habits over SS8 and SS9. Thanks to Gordon, Bob and Pat, they got it all welded back together and went on to finish 76th, making them second in the Lada Challenge.
112 Alan Waterman/Bob Price, 1.3 Lada Riva, GpA (Frizzell Insurance; Rally Team CSMA). Retired on SS5 when the engine blew up.
113 Alan Christopher/Neil Wooliscroft, Skoda 120L, GpA (Polypipe; Batesign; Keith Clough). After a season of reliability, the trusty Skoda got it's own back; the steering broke, the headgasket tailed, the clutch started slipping, fuel starvation cost them time and they went off on SS2. They crashed out of the rally for good on SS6 when the steering box broke completely, which dropped them out of the lead of the Skoda Trophy to finish third in the series.
114 Steve Stringer/Pam Soanes, 1.3 Skoda 130L, GpA (Sherlodge Garage; Team Drive In; Medway for Skoda). They tried every trick in the book to hurl the little car into the lead of the Skoda Trophy. but had to settle for 62nd place and second in the series, despite using all the road, the ditches and the banks. Their thanks to Tony and Dennis for service through the year.
115 Martin Newson/Edward Wreathall, Skoda 130L, GpA (Cranes of Norwich; Dealer Team Skoda). They had a good run to finish 60th, taking the Skoda Trophy on the day and claiming the overall title.
116 Paul King/Brian Hardie. l.6 Peugeot 205GT1, GpN (Chess Valley MC; M&M Sell Drive Hire; John Pelling & Partners). Finished 59th.
118 David Maund/Philip Maund, 2.0 Opel Manta GT/E, GpA (Crab Clamps). Finished 85th.
119 Richard Perry/Clive Townend, 1.6 Talbot Sunbeam (Bates & Hunt Petroleum; Budget Gas, Telford; Lille of Telford). The engine indicated it's desire fora rebuild by proving reluctant to power the car uphill, leaving them 64th at the finish.
120 Kevin Titley/Sean Kelly, 1.3 Lada Riva (Mr Tyre of Lichfield; Auto Services of Cannock; Karen George Illustrations). They got some steam up in the afternoon, after a cautious start, to finish 75th and best Lada on the day.
121 Tim Beall/Duncan Beall, 1.3 Lada Riva, GpA (Arncliffes of Hull; Burmah Petroloum; Wilcomatic Car Wash). The fanbelt broke on SSl and knocked the front wheel askew against a rock; the brakes all but packed up on SS2 and stayed that way for the rest of the rally: the voltage regulator packed up on SS3, causing the battery to boil and the Brothers Beall spent the rest of the day 'high on acid'! Tim dislocated his thumb when the steering kicked back on SS6, after which they had a relatively peaceful run to record 81st place.
122 Steven Brittan/Steve Perez, 2.0 Ford Escort. Finished 45th.
123 Richard Greenland/Steve Prior, 1.3 Lada Riva. GpA (Auto Renovates). Finished 88th.
124 Michael Sadler-Brookes/Colin Smith, 1.3 Skoda 130L, GpA. Finished 89th.
125 Derek Speight/Andy Wisedale, 1.3 Skoda 130L (Barras Garages, Skoda, War- rlngton). They found the Skoda a little different to their regular Chevette; they didn't have a moment all day. but lost time on SS9 when they got stuck on a rutted hairpin, then fuel starvation problems stopped the engine pulling more than 4000rpm, which limited speed on the uphill bits to 15mph. They finished 90th.
126 Michael Keeling/Richard Picton, 2.0 Ford Escort (Keeling Rubber & Plastics; Jim's Garage, Wolverhampton; Midland Chassis Treatments; Motivation UK). They finished their first ever national event 82nd.
127 Steve Bowers/Ian Arthur, 1.3 Lada Rivo, GpA (Croydon & DMC). They completed all the stages, but were OTL at the finish.
128 Richard Platts/Ian Young, 1.3 Skoda 130L, GpA (National Westminster MC; E J Austin). They went off on SS3 and took a maximum, lost all the coolant on SS7. but refilled and the headgasket held out to enable them to finish 86th.
129 Rob Farmer/Clive Meredith. 1.3 Skoda 130L, GpA (Shutter Maintenance; Cars & Car Conversions Magazine; P A Gittins; Lion Street Garage; Stewart Powles Plumbing ft Heating; Rhos Goch Golf Club; Maesllwch Arms. House of Sugar Cake Decorations; W H Ricketts Building Contractors; Access Account). Can you really fit that many sponsors onto a Skoda? They found that standard pistons made the Skoda even slower uphill, but it was still quick enough going downhill to put them in a ditch on SS3; all the electrics failed on SS8, but they went on to finish 83rd.
130 David Beveridge/Elliot Murray. 1.3 Skoda 130L, GpA (Thorncroft Garage. Selkirk; ATS; Sachs; Duckhams). They punctured on SS3, lost 30s on SS4 when the cut-off switch was accidently operated, and retired on SS7 after the centre water hose fractured.
131 Steve Spiers/Chris Wallet. 1.3 Lada (BTG Rolatruc; Crest Homes; Rugeley & DMC). They lost a wheel on the road section after SS1 and had to manage with three wheelstuds until Machynlleth, where they changed the halfshaft before finishing 84th.
132 Neil Phillips/Kevin Moore, 1.3 Lada Riva (Midland Performance Centre; Walsall Advertiser; Mr Tyre of Lichfield; Impact Race & Rally Wear). Finished 80th.
133 Derek Morgan/Mike Jode, 1.6 Talbot Avenger, Nothing to report, just thanks to John. Paul and Yana for servicing. Finished 78th.


Wolverhampton & South Staffs Car Club, under the able direction of John Trevethick, broke new ground by bringing a major rally to Telford new town, where they received a warm welcome from the Development Corporation. Rally HQ was established in the newly-opened Moat House Hotel but - as this was some way from the forests of Dyfnant and Dyfi which provided the bulk of the stage mileage - the organisers decided to start the event from the Cann Office Hotel, Llangadfan, close by Dyfnant Forest. Competitors made their own way to this start control, with more than one just managing to arrive in the nick of time after some early morning road rallying! A long stage in Dyfnant opened the proceedings, before service at Dinas, followed by four stages in the Dyfi complex. After the main service halt at the spiritual home of rallying, Machynlleth, three more stages in Dyfi took crews back to a shorter stage In Dyfnant by way of the Dinas service area.
It was a long journey back to Telford for the last two stages around the Town Park, but the support of the Development Corporation was well rewarded when an enthusiastic crowd, many of whom were new to rallying, turned up to watch the action. With the state of the championship, they were not disappointed by the efforts of the competitors, who then had but a brief trip to the Moat House Hotel for the celebrations and commiserations. Quick as the rally cars were around the confines of the Town Park, the local constabulary reckoned that Telford's teenage population - in a variety of stolen cars - do equally competitive times around the park most Saturday nights, with one 14-year-old, with a penchant for Granadas, the star turn. Apparently, he starts and finishes his run with a Dukes of Hazzard style leap of the grass banking!