October 11th 1980

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Autosport cover

Terry Kaby won the 1980 Castrol Autsport Championship

Car 1

"Current World Champion Bjorn Waldegard used the Castrol Rally to test his RAC Rally Toyota"

Car 3

Russell Brookes and Bryan Harris head for retirement Photo Tudor Evans

Car 4

Malcolm Wilson and Terry Harryman, they retired - photo Tudor Evans

Car 6

Graham Elsmore and John Warner, they also retired - photo Tudor Evans

Car 7 again

Terry Kaby was second.

Car 7

Another picture of Terry Kaby - courtesy of Tudor Evans.

Car 7

"Terry Kaby's Chevette is serviced during the Castrol National Rally by SMT mechanics"

Car 7 for a third time

Terry Kaby and Brian Rainbow

Car 7 for a fourth time

"CONSISTENCY has earned Terry Kaby and Brian Rainbow The British Rally Championship title. On the final round of the nine event series, Kaby finished second, sufficient to give him a four point championship victory over fellow Vauxhall driver George Hill. Our picture shows Kaby/Rainbow in action on the final round the Castrol National."

Car 8

Tim Brise and Phil Short - courtesy of Tudor Evans

Car 9

"George Hill and Ron Varley heading for 6th overall"

Car 14

"Bill Dobie was one of the new names to emerge from this year's series."

Car 16

Jim Howden and Ian Marwick motoring to seventh overall - courtesy of Tudor Evans

Car 21

Geoff and Allan Simpson - 8th overall -courtesy of Tudor Evans

Car 23

Mike Stuart and Frank Rowlands in a Group 1 RS2000.

Car 28

Phil Collins on his star drive to fourth place.

Car 29

"Bill Gwynne was looking for experience in the British forests after years as a top road rally driver. Here he is searched at stage finish for pace notes, outlawed in forest special stages. Non were found."

Car 42

"Stones wins but Barton Champion. - Consistency paid dividends for Bill Barton."