October 13th 1979

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The Castrol '79 had another star studded entry list although there was no Pentti Arikkala to defend his last year's win.

The world petrol crisis was raging in 1979 as a result of the Iranian revolution. The uncertainty lead to the reduction in entry numbers.

With over 90 miles on 9 stages and only 110 road miles the event was a real blast using the classics of Dyfi, Hafren, Tarenig and Ystwyth.

The event turned, once again, to be a lottery over who could avoid punctures. Ari came out the clear cut winner three and a half minutes.

The home grown talents of McRae, Stokes, Elsmore, Kaby and Wilson were also showing through as they battled for Castrol/Autosport honours.

The Mark II Ford Escort RS was the dominant car as it reached the peak of development. The model was to cease production in the next year and Ford were to announce their withdrawl from rallying. Also of interest on the entry list were seven Mazdas contesting a single make championship, one of the first?