November 11th 1972

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By 1972 the Club had settled its problems with the Forestry Commission bill for the 1967 event. The solution had taken a long time in coming and had led to friends and members having to dig into deep pockets to finance it.
With that behind him Dave Stephenson gathered a team together to revive the 'national' as a full blown forestry event. Included in the group was Phil Lloyd, then an area manager for Timpsons shoe shops. It was this link that brought the title sponsorship and combined with the continuing support from Castrol, the Castrol Timpson was born.
The route was a classic trek starting in Carmarthen and finishing in Shrewsbury, visiting 11 stages on the way.
There were 'names' all the way down the entry list and the full range of vehicles that one would have expected back then.
Brechfa was the first stage and it caught out many of the leading hopefuls and it was the Bloxham / Harper Saab 96 that was fastest.
At the end of a close fight, however, Pat Ryan and Mike Nicholson in the 'Cleveland' Mini emerged the winners from John Price's Renault Alpine and the Escort RS of Frank Pierson and Colin Francis.