March 26th / 27th 1966

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The 1966 'Star' was special in two respects. It was the last of the W&SSCC events which was sponsored solely by the Express & Star newspaper, and it also marked the course of future events by incorporating pure forestry stages as selectives along with the more traditional road route.
Clerk of the Course Richard Harper had arranged the route to start and finish in Llandindrod Wells with a 200 mile loop as far as Carmarthenshire forming the meat of the event. He reckoned that bogey for the rally was 1000 penalties and that it would probably be won by the current British champion, Malcom Gibbs. See the results below for how close he was!
The 120 competitors had to face 17 special stages in the forests. The night was wet and slippery and the winds were up to gale force at times. Nobody was surprised that there was a lot of damage to cars. Two cars rolled in the forests but the belts and hats that were obligatory for the first time on the stages ensured that no personal harm was done.
Most trouble was mechanical with Phil Derbyshire/Vaughan Jones losing all the electrics on their Cooper S and John Bloxham/Vaughan Bond losing brake fluid on their Cooper causing them to drive on handbrake only for several stages (what's new John?).


1. Malcolm Gibbs/R Morgan Cortina GT 821 penalties 2. Roy Fidler/A Taylor Triumph 2000 896 3. Knowles Fitton/C Nash Cooper S 916 4. D Pollard/T Baines Imp 1107 5. D Cardell/G Jones Cooper S 1107 6. J Huggins/F Rutter Lotus Cortina 1149 7. A Rathmell/K Wood Cortina GT 1219 8. Bill Bengry/Dave Skeffington Cortina GT 1276 9. C Offley/R Lyall Cooper S 1289 10. R Hill/G Ryan Cortina GT 1291 11. Jim Bullough/Don Barrow Lotus Cortina 1306 12. John Bloxham/Vaughan Bond Cooper S 1338 13. R Goodchild/Ron Crellin Cooper S 1371 14. Vic Elford/John Davenport Lotus Cortina 1384 15. A K L Cooke/M Wood Cooper S 1398
Best W&SSCC award went to Roy Shorthouse/Brian Foxhall –Cortina GT

Chris Knights writing in WSSCC magazine DASHBOARD 2005