March 13th / 14th 1965

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From the Express and Star of 15th March 1965


By our motoring correspondent

NEW names in the list of winners in the "Express and Star " British national car rally, held during the week­end, are David Friswell and Richard Binns. Their car? - the once more all conquering Mini-Cooper S.
Friswell, who lives at Solihull, and Binns, who lives at Albrighton, and is one of two nationally renowned navigator brothers, were also the first members of the organising club Wolverhampton and South Staffs Car Club, to win this event now in its ninth year.
They completed the 200-mile course which stretched from Colwyn Bay to Llandrindod Wells, and which embrace the most severe rallying ever associated with this event, with 165 penalty points being the result of a mathematical calculation of the difference between their times and the organiser's standard times for 11 "selectives".
A "Selective," in rally parlance, is a section of road, usually tracks over moorlands or through forests of North and Central Wales, timed to the second by printing clocks.
This was not a car breaking rally but it was a hard one and there were the usual tales of misfortune and mechanical failures, including the bad luck of veteran international rally driver, Sidney Allard. to run off the road on the last selective out of the Elan Valley and lose half an hour's valuable time.
Top ranking drivers eliminated by mechanical bothers included the Rover 2000 of Roger Clark and A. J. Porter (broken drive shaft), the Triumph 2000 Roy Fidler and Graham Robson (gasket) and the Cortina GT of Cannock's Brian Harper and Ron Crellin, whose duplicated fuel system would just not feed enough petrol.
Incredible to many of us who watched it at various parts of the route was the performance of the little Dutch DAF, the lowest powered car to the event, driven by J. Warren.
For the drivers it was a night of mists and drizzle and the constant clacking of windscreen wipers. As far as the road surface was concerned, the snow had virtually gone, there was less than a quarter of a mile of slush covered road but plenty of ominous-looking snow, drifts at the roadside.
The inadvertent closing of one gate on the first selective section by the driver of a non-competing car, caused penalties earned on that section to be abandoned, since it meant that some competitors had had to stop to open the gate, while others had not and had so been unfairly penalised.
This was a pity. It was a selective on which no driver achieved the organiser's target time.


General classification: 1 (and the Express and Star trophy). D. Friswell and R. A. B. Binns (Mini Cooper S). 165 penalties. 2, G. W. Halliwell and J. M. Wood (Mini Cooper S). 172. 3. M. Gibbs and R. Morgan (Cortlna GT). 179. 4. R. A. Fall and J. D. Fawcett. (Mini Cooper S), 196. 5, G. Bloom and A. Taylor (Cor­tina GT), 196. 6, T. Cox and K. Binns (Rover 2000),217. 7, R. Peters and J. Turner (Mini Cooper S).223. 8, P. S. Shepherd and K. Leckie (Anglia), 232. 9, J. Bloxham and V. Bond (Mini Cooper S), 252. 10, L, P. Simister and D. Barrow (Cortina GT), 265. 11, T. Reed-Gibbs and G. Tucker (Anglia GT) 266. 12, R. Gibbs and F Rutter (Anglia GT) 272. 13, A. E, Bengry and B. Hughes (Cortina GT), 275. 14, D. H. Ray and S. R. Gray (Cortina GT), 289. 15, P. Darbyshire and A. R Parkin (Austin Cooper), 303.
Novice awards: 1, R. T. Andrews and K. Holbrow (Mini Cooper S). 2, D. G. and H. E. Jones (M.G.A). 3, E. R. Wright and K. Redshaw (Anglia). 4, T. J Laughton and R. Dudley (Mini). 5, W. R Donald and J. H. Applegarth (Mini).
Team awards: T Reed Gibbs and R.Gibbs and S. H. and A. R. Allard.
Best WoIverhampton and South Staffs Car Club members: Friswell and Binns.
Club team: Hereford (Bengry, Reed­Gibbs and Gibbs).
Class awards: Up to 900 c.c.: 1. J. Warren (DAF): 2, G. R. Hudson-Evans (Austin-Mini). 901 to 1,350 c.c., 1. Fris­well-Binns. 2. Fall-Fawcett. 1,351 to 1.600 c.c., 1, Gibbs-Morgan. 2. Simister-­Barrow. 1,601 c.c. and over. 1, Cox-Binns. 2, A. Austin and Miss H. Hand (Austin 1800). Cars in Group 3: Up to 1.600 c.c., 1. Halliwell-Wood. 2, Shepherd-Leckie. 1601 c.c. and over. 1. A. Griffiths and R. Turney (Reliant). 2, C. R. Offley and R. Lyall (Sprite S/c).
Marque awards: Best Ford. M. Gibbs. Rest Rootes. J. la Trobe and J. Chitty (Humber Sceptre). Best Triumph, H. Jacoby and M. Mylcreest (TR.4). Rest Austin, Bloom. Best Morris, Friswell.